Computer Term Definitions

Hard Drive: Where all the information is stored in your computer.

Memory "Chips" that hold information to have at it’s fingertips

Modem "Card" that allows you to connect your computer to your phone line. Allows access to Internet & email.

Drives Slots in your computer that allow you to put "disks" that have information on them, written in your computers language.

Disks How software is stored and put into your computer. 31/2 floppy, Zip Disk and CD’s are the common disks.  Information or programs can be installed from your CD or floppy to your hard drive. Can also go other way around for backing up information.

Video Card Allows your computer to show pictures, "graphics", the better the card the better your graphics. Makes game playing smoother with more detail.

Sound Card Allows your computer to play sounds for us to understand, the better the sound card, the better your music and sounds will be.

CPU Central Processing Unit. The part that tells your computer how fast to do things, and depending on the CPU, depends on how fast things go. It may seem like it doesn’t matter in seconds, but when you get used to the computer you do want it to go fast and waiting gets frustrating!!!! 

Examples:    Pentium I, II, or III, 4 also Celeron., speeds vary from 60  to 3000.  Intel 466 Mhz Celeron; Pentium III 550Mhz, Pentium 4 2.4Ghz (2400Mhz). AMD is a lower cost CPU that competes with Intel Celeron.

Motherboard Where all the other "cards" and CPU are plugged into. Some are upgradeable, others are not.

Monitor (CRT)  What you look at - Your screen. Common range in size today 15" to at least 21" 

LCD Flat panel monitor. Uses different technology than common CRT monitor.

Keyboard What you use to type info with. You also use it to scroll up or down on the screen using arrow buttons. Many other functions once you get used to it.

Mouse A device that allows you to point to things on the screen of the monitor and "click" to move to that location, or "open" things.

OS Operating System. Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000 Windows ME, Windows XP (Home or Pro)

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